Data Cleansing

The success of a high impact campaign is to ensure your database is accurate.

Businesses can suffer from Analysis Paralysis without data cleansing. Clean up your data before it cleans you!  Make sure your sales teams beat their targets with contact databases that hold all the best up-to-date prospects who wanted your business.

The customer data you have stored in your database is decaying all the time, and at an alarming rate. In fact, on average, customer data decays by 30% and business data by 70% each year. Companies merge, move offices, close down, and employees come and go. This data not only clogs up your database, it costs your business significant time and money; impacting on your marketing and service effects, causing unnecessary operational costs and damaging your reputation, just to name a few.

We can help eliminate that by regularly cleansing, modifying and enriching rotten data in bulk to suit your unique requirements.

Our Data Cleansing Strategy

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Our data cleansing services start with a complimentary assessment of your existing data. Then we provide you with a quotation for the data cleansing.


We work to fully understand the nature of your business and to analyse your marketing strategy before implementing our data cleansing process.


Our technology can instantly verify addresses; automatically correct typos, standardise and complete fields. Then, most importantly, update postal changes.

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Our phone and email validation tools instantly verify if contact details are accurate, complete, and currently active. We then suggest corrections and additions of missing data and highlight any decayed data to be removed at the next stage. 


We look beyond exact replicates, checking for slight variations and creating bespoke rules to remove all duplicate records. We instantly identify and suppress individuals who have moved away or deceased before removing all outdated records in bulk.

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By enriching your database with in-depth customer insights, we’ll help you make more informed trading decisions, protect your brand reputation and help you reduce the risk of mistyped data becoming a missed opportunity.

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